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My Dogs

The big guy is Brewce and the little old one is named Baby Girl. One of my photography assignments required high and low angles. I turned in the photos of Brewce because Baby Girl wasn't wanting to deal with me and my camera that day!

This is Baby Girl! She was not in the best mood this day, which was strange because she is usually my go-to when it is between her and her little big brother, Brewce.

She would not even look at me right away.

Then when she did look at me I got the stink eyes!!

Brewce gave some true honest poses and I appreciate these bloopers so much!

But then he ran off with a pumpkin!

I did not like the background but still got a cute shot of him at a great angle.

A. High Angle

Got the pumpkin out of his mouth and then got him standing near the other pumpkin props. He thought I was playing with him!! So cute. Anyhow, I got this and the next picture turned in for assignments.

B. Low Angle

I'm always taking photos of my pets but never really needing to talk them into a pose or anything like that. It was challenging making them cooperate but also hilarious! It's much easier seeing them being cute and just snapping a quick photo.

<3 <3


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