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Gloria Williams Photography LLC
Hello y'all!
As far back as I can remember photography has been a  part of my life. Roughly 27 years ago when I was a child you could find me with a disposable camera (thanks mom & dad). I'm always flattered when people reach out to me for their photography needs. With all the practice my family and friends have given me, I'm now ready to introduce myself and offer my photography service to the public. I'm not limited to photography genres and I imagine I'll get approached for new ones, so please don't hesitate to ask me! I am open to discussing any photo shoot with  you. 

Taking photos is a hobby I've held onto, but I also love and enjoy many other arts and crafts. My hobbies include listening to audio books, making dream catchers, crocheting blankets, and working on furniture.

My everyday job is running a screen printing t-shirt shop. It's called Capitol Hill Graffix located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Not only do I run it, I own it too. My two business  partners are my dad and my brother. I've been able to use my artsy side designing t-shirt logos since 2007. In between hobbies and work, I'm more than likely having fun with my wonderful husband and our sweetheart son.

-Gloria Williams
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