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Turbo Wizard

These fellas are a local rock & roll band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These photos were taken the night of their show January 18th, 2020 at the Iron Horse Pub in Wichita Falls, Texas. I asked to take a picture of them against this brick wall. I thought it was a well lit up spot for it being after dark.

Left to Right:

Trey | Zak | Loren | Brad

Brad, no!

Okay! Better.

Zak, no!


This was the only "normal" shot I got. I personally love the bloopers.

Thanks for letting take pictures of you all!!

Turbo Wizard Band


When I went to upload these photos and see them up close on the computer screen I was surprised to find only JPEG files and NO DAMN RAW files to edit! Honestly, I'm thankful it was only these weekend photos and not a hired shoot. Just me fan-girling over my husband, Loren and the rest of the Turbo Wizard members. A new giant oops I managed to stumble upon but a huge lesson learned. I'll get in the habit of checking the camera settings and that it's taking both JPEG & RAW files, always!


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