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Assignment Adventure

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

10.27.19 I stopped by the Business District here in Oklahoma City to snap 3 different photos for photography class. I thought of this location right away. I needed photos of leading horizontal, vertical and another of diagonal lines .I've been here before snapping photos with one of my best friends, KT, she pointed this place out.

I remember getting started and and quickly loving the texture on this grass!

A. Horizontal Dominant by Gloria Williams

These can be found at the dead end of Main off N. Robinson. The last time I was here the water fountains within the giant rocks weren't there. It was a neat surprise!

Some photos are just a better in black and white!

This also was a surprise. I don't know them, and I just happened to get luck enough to snap an in focus shot as they zoomed on by. Capturing moments like this is my favorite!

A. Vertical Dominant by Gloria Williams

Found on the southwest corner of N. Robinson and Main.

Seeing the Devon Tower is something I've been able to enjoy more than half of my life. My favorite is from a further distance at sunset or sunrise and it's reflecting all the wonderful colors.

This building is so old and beautiful! I'm not sure what they are doing to it but there is scaffolding cropped out of frame.

I LOVE THIS GRASSSSS! I also love the holding hands couple in my shot.

C. Diagonal Dominant By Gloria Williams

I tried to get a great shot of buildings for this assignment but I was a bit too nit picky about the photos I took in the Business District. So I looked in my back up images and thought THIS ONE! Thanks to my friends, Kayla and Katt for letting me snap a few shots in there cutest Lady Den. Y'all the cutest I've ever seen!


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